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Supporting local events for 70+ years.

Roberts + Morrow supports many community based organisations with sponsorships and donations. Our reach is broad with support for schools, music + arts, sporting clubs, charities + more.

We believe in creating opportunities for people in or local regions to enjoy events that bring us together and celebrate who we are.

Some of these moments are included below.

Volunteering moments

Nicole Husband – Glen Innes

“My whole life outside of work is volunteering in not-for-profit organisations.

My children are members of the Glen Innes Redfins Swimming Club. I am the secretary of this association currently. For the previous 2 or 3 years, I was the treasurer. This volunteering also involves running our swimming club every Monday night during the season and organising carnivals and other activities for the club. Previously we have hosted swim clinics with Minna Atherton (backstroke in the current Commonwealth Games team), Leisel Jones (Olympic medalist) and most recently, Cate Campbell (Olympic medalist).

I have been in an executive role with the Glen Innes Public School P&C Association since 2014. I am currently the lunch centre treasurer, which involves paying employees etc. I also volunteer in the lunch centre canteen 1-2 days per month.

I am also an executive member of the Glen Innes High School P&C Association as of 2022. I am the treasurer of this organisation.”

Karina Waite – Armidale

“I volunteer at the Armidale Athletics Club. I have just begun as their treasurer. I have done much voluntary community work over the years, from SES to St John Ambulance to the Tax Help program. I love being a part of something important to the community, and I enjoy getting to know other locals.”

Rex Gream – Armidale

“I first started giving blood in 1986 when I was in Sydney and after a few years off, I started this back up when a friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and required a bone marrow transplant. I wanted to find out if I was compatible with him, so had a few tests done. Unfortunately, I wasn’t compatible but someone else was, so this led to him having the life-saving surgery done and he is alive to this day.

Through this experience, it made me realise how important donating blood is and to today (Feb 2023), I have given a total of 168 donations of blood and plasma. Blood can be donated every 12 weeks and plasma can be donated every 2 weeks. Even though I have a phobia of needles, I try and ensure I donate very few weeks.

My motivation to give blood is that while 1 in 3 people will need blood at some point in their life, only 1 in 30 people actually donate. 1 blood donation can save up to 3 lives. I strongly encourage everyone to give the gift of life and give blood.”

To donate or to find out if you’re eligible, visit www.lifeblood.com.au, call 13 14 95 or download the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood app.