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Tax + Legal

We are the Tax + Legal team.

We help business owners at all stages: launch, power-up and touch-down.

Our focus is providing tax and succession planning solutions to our clients. Our specialist team of accountants and lawyers can give you strategic advice and help you maximise your potential, minimise your risk and save on tax.

Tax Solutions

We solve complex problems through advising on and implementing tax strategies. Everything we do is backed by our extensive experience in taxation and law.

Legal Solutions

We can also provide legal services to give effect to your overall plan, such as wills and complex estate plans, deeds of family arrangement and conveyancing.

Who we can help




Estate + Succession Planning


Our team can help you to understand your obligations, opportunities and risks as a new business. We will work with you to make sure your business structure meets your needs and is set on the best path for success.

How we can help you at start-up/launch:

  • Develop tax effective structures for your business and key assets
  • Assist you with financing and investor strategies
  • Maximise asset protection and minimise business risk
  • Prepare key estate planning documentation such as wills, enduring guardians and enduring powers of attorney


Our team assists scale-up businesses by reviewing the challenges of the current business structure and considering the future needs for the business and then recommending a restructure strategy. Even simple changes in business structure can help to minimise business risk and reduce your tax obligations. If you are thinking about reorganising your current structure or need support overcoming business challenges, we are ready to help you grow your operation.

How we can help you at scale-up/power-up:

  • Reorganising ineffective tax and corporate structures
  • Corporatising partnerships and trusts
  • Exploring opportunities for you to involve a self-managed superannuation fund
  • Improving asset protection and revisiting business risk management
  • Preparing corporate governance documentation such as partnership agreements or shareholder agreements
  • Taking your estate plan to the next level by utilising testamentary trusts and other strategies


When it comes time to exit your business, whether by sale or by passing the baton to the next generation, we can assist you to achieve a smooth transition with maximum tax savings.

How we can help you at exit/touch-down:

  • Develop a strategy for passing ownership of the business and key assets
  • Mediating and documenting family succession agreements
  • Exploring ways to reduce or eliminate your tax liability
  • Maximising your opportunities to contribute to superannuation
  • Attending to the wind-up of redundant entities
  • Revising your estate plans to reflect your change in circumstances

Estate and Succession Planning

It’s important to keep your estate and succession plans up to date. Over time, your financial and personal needs will change and so-to should your plan. We can assist you to identify your current and future needs and will then develop a comprehensive estate and succession plan that suits your stage of life and will give you peace of mind.

  • Preparing key estate planning documentation such as wills, enduring guardians and enduring powers of attorney
  • Utilising testamentary trusts to maximise asset protection and tax outcomes for your beneficiaries
  • Ensuring superannuation is adequately dealt with as part of your estate plan
  • Mediating and documenting family succession agreements

Our Tax + Legal Experts

Partner, Tax + Legal

Paul Williams

Paul holds a Master of Laws degree from the University of Sydney and is a Chartered Tax Adviser with the Tax Institute of Australia. More +

Associate, Tax + Legal

Cameron O’Keefe

Cam has worked for Roberts + Morrow since 2015 in the legal and business services teams. More +

Tax + Legal

Karina Waite

Karina is an exceptional problem solver with over 16 years’ experience in taxation and law. More +

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