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The value of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) for your Business

Date: 20 September 2023

In the modern business landscape, the methods you choose to account for your operations can profoundly shape your understanding of performance. While revenue recognition and accrual accounting provide a foundational view, true mastery over your financial outlook requires a refined and comprehensive approach. This is where our Business Intel team steps in.

The Limitations of Sole Reliance on Cash Basis

Merely relying on cash-based accounting can sometimes be akin to navigating through fog. It gives a snapshot of the present without truly reflecting on outstanding obligations or earned revenues yet to be received.

The Power of Accrual Accounting and Revenue Recognition

At its core, accrual accounting, complemented by revenue recognition, captures income and expenses as they’re earned or incurred, offering a realistic portrait of a company’s financial health.

Pros for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs):

  • Real-time Financial Insights: By considering the earnings and costs as they arise, businesses gain a nuanced understanding of their real-time financial position.
  • Enhanced Financial Planning: This approach offers a strategic edge in anticipating future financial needs.

Elevating with the 9-Step FP&A Process by Business Intel

Recognising the need for a robust back-end financial foundation, our Business Intel team has pioneered a 9-step FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis) process. It’s not just about number-crunching; it’s about building a relationship:

  • Solid Financial Foundations: By focusing on backend finance functionality, our process ensures you’re standing on solid ground.
  • Personalised Understanding: Our team takes the time to understand the intricacies of your business. Within a few months, our partnership evolves from looking at present-day figures to anticipating future possibilities.
  • Forward-Looking Forecasts: Leveraging the power of three-way modelling, we help businesses visualise the impact of strategic decisions, aligning profitability, liquidity, and financial health.

Large Business Strategies Now Accessible to SMBs

Historically, expansive financial teams were a luxury only large businesses could afford. These teams, often made up of senior professionals, would collaboratively steer their companies, balancing opportunities against threats. Thanks to our 9-step FP&A process, SMBs can now access this strategic advantage without maintaining a full-time, in-house senior financial team.


The world of business is rife with challenges, but with the right tools and a dedicated team by your side, navigating these waters becomes a strategic dance between opportunities and threats. Let our Business Intel team guide you through our tailored 9-step FP&A process. Don’t let the chance slip away; embrace the competitive edge that many successful businesses have already integrated.

Reach out to Business Intel today and embark on a journey to financial clarity and foresight. Your future success might be just 9 steps away!

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