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RMT training with Chris Weber

Date: 22 February 2023

The RMT Management Team recently met with Local Government Procurement expert Chris Weber to explore what RMT can better do to service our Local Government clients!

The team looked at Local Government sustainability, governance and procurement, gaining a deeper understanding of the breadth of council services, and it’s linkage to the IT industry.

RMT also explored the role that IT plays in councils, both actual and expected, and how this compares between smaller/medium councils versus larger council operations.

RMT specialises in providing businesses with complete technology solutions. The team assists businesses to maximise productivity, reduce costs and drive flexibility and agility through bundled and tailored technology solutions and services.

RMT is committed to empowering clients by providing flexible, reliable, scalable solutions in the ever-changing IT landscape.

RMT measures client satisfaction regularly and the team are proud of consistently reaching an overall rating of 98% CSAT and 75 NPS.

The RMT team are continuing to grow with staff located across NSW + QLD. You can contact the team on 1300 832 804 or help@rmt.net.au for any business IT needs.


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