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Merger Date & Location Announced

Date: 13 May 2022

We would like to provide a further update to clients on our plans in relation to the proposed merger with Malvern Mathews Smith (MMS) and Roberts & Morrow, Tamworth NSW.

From 1 August 2022, the teams will come together under one name: Roberts & Morrow at a new address 16 Bourke Street, Tamworth.

The merger will deliver competitive, diverse new solutions to clients right across the Tamworth region. Between the two businesses, the list of services covers Accounting & Tax, Business Intel, Financial Planning, Superannuation, Audit, IT Services, and Legal Solutions with an emphasis on Succession & Estate Planning.

Roberts & Morrow Partner Tanya Bagster described the strategy behind the merger:

“We’ve always focused on building a reputation for quality services backed up by integrity, and professionalism. We’re passionate about being there for our clients through each step of their business journey and helping them achieve personal goals. Our internal culture fosters a stable approach and open and honest communication. Combining forces with Malvern Mathews Smith we can continue to expand our support for clients as their needs and priorities change.”

Roberts & Morrow has been in business for 70 years and Malvern Mathews Smith has also been supporting our local region for over 110 years. Both firms have always focused on providing valuable expertise to regional Australian businesses.

Tanya Bagster concluded:

“We’re local business owners ourselves, and we want to contribute to growing the local region.”

“We’ll remain as committed to our client’s needs as we’ve always been – and with our larger capacity in Tamworth, we’ll be able to generate even more sustainable value. The growth possibilities for the region are really exciting, we look forward to being a part of this.”

Steve Mathews, from Malvern Mathews Smith, added:

“The merger will give clients access to more specialist advisers and assist in overcoming the staff shortages smaller firms experience along with providing a better career path for staff.”

Please email us at jocelyn.berry@rm.net.au with any questions or comments on how the merger might affect you.

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