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Introducing our newest Partner…

Date: 19 July 2023

Kylie King has recently advanced to a Partner and we asked her a few questions about this new role and her time with us at Roberts + Morrow…

Please introduce yourself and what you do….

My name is Kylie King, and I am the newest Business Services Partner at Roberts + Morrow, based in the Tamworth office.

How long have you been with R+M?

I originally started working in accounting at Duncan Plant & Co in 2006, then in 2014 Plante Partners merged with Trinder Scott and Davis and became Plante Davis. In 2016, Plante Davis merged with Robert + Morrow, and I have been a part of the R+M team since then.

What does it mean to you to be part of R+M?

I feel extremely lucky to be a part of the leadership group of Roberts + Morrow. I love working at a firm that has a proud history and is focused on creating a workplace where our core values underpin what we do every day. I love that R+M embraces energy, diversity, high performance and encourages the achievement among team members of the firm’s goals, whilst at the same time having fun getting there. I am excited for what is ahead and look forward to continuing to work with a diverse team of professionals.

How did you advance to Partner?  

I started as a supervisor with Roberts + Morrow in 2016, progressing to Associate in 2021. My experience in management roles in various industries and helping my family business has allowed me to lead my clients through what may seem complex compliance and tax issues and break them down. I am now pleased to be invited to join the Partnership Group here at Roberts + Morrow.

What are you looking forward to at R+M as a Partner?

My passion is working with small businesses and helping them through all stages of the business cycle. It was only recently that one of my clients decided to sell their business, which a few years ago, I had helped them get their ABN and start up their business, now achieving their financial goals and ambitions. It is very rewarding to know I have helped my client achieve this, and I believe this is a major aspect I am looking forward to as a Partner. R+M have amazing teams that specialise in different services and ensure that we are giving the best advice possible to our clients. I am looking forward to working with the different teams more closely and sharing our expertise.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

I have 2 pieces of advice that changed my mind set and my career path.

  1. Working hard and talent is simply not enough, times have changed. If you want to succeed, you need to promote yourself, step out of your comfort zone and let people know what you have achieved and start to build a professional reputation amongst your peers.
  2. You don’t always have to do it yourself. Effective delegation will not only enable you to finalise tasks more timely and achieve goals, but you will help your team members to grow and develop new skills and is an essential leadership skill to have.

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